Mission:  To expand Dave Elman's Hypnosis Methods Globally.

Col H Larry Elman, USAF Ret'd, CH, CI 
      son of Dave Elman  and CEO             
Cheryl J. Elman, CH, CMT and President of DEHI

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Who was Dave Elman? 

When people talk about great hypnotists of the 20th century, two names come to mind. Milton Erickson... and Dave Elman.   They have equal stature. 

This is surprising because Erickson published dozens of books and papers on hypnosis and was actively promoted by his followers who wrote dozens of books about Erickson, but Elman published only one book, "Findings in Hypnosis" (later published as "Hypnotherapy"). Why is Dave Elman held in such high esteem? His induction is that good!

Erickson's inductions could take a very long time, but Elman would place a subject into deep trance in less than a minute!

Elman published only one book, but that ONE book had such an impact that many consider Elman to be the greatest hypnotist of all time. There is very little accurate information out there about Dave Elman but this new site and our products are going to change all that!  

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     Beryl Comars's New Release!
over 20% off until May 14th. 

BERYL COMAR....See what Gerald Kein, Tom Nicole, Dr. Will Horton
and H Larry Elman has to say about it.   

Published by the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

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The Goulding Process: The Foundation of SLEEPTALK ™.

 Available for the first time online in print in the US!
 A great adjunct to being a hypnotist!  
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"Best Practices of Dave Elman"

Hollywood quality  4-DVD set which brings Dave Elman's "HYPNOTHERAPY" to life! 
See what you have read about!  

CHERYL and LARRY ELMAN have taught Dave Elman Hypnosis Techniques 
in 16 countries, on 4 Continents! 
See our current schedule and 
where we have been

Looking for a speaker or presenter?

Larry and Cheryl Elman 
are currently scheduling their travel schedule for 2013-2014.

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Great 4 dvd set filmed in Zurich
The Dave Elman Induction Centennial Seminar 
with H Larry Elman and Hansruedi Wipf. 
Over 9 hours
of lecture, discussion and demo
  English and German tracks!

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Study with Joane Goulding  and Cheryl Elman and become a 

Goulding SleepTalk® for Children Consultant. 
The training offers 
a guaranteed 6 months of support.

Available as individual Skype training or as a 
group training at your center or at the 
Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

Joane Goulding, from Melbourne Australia, is the Founder of this esteem building process for children.  Expand your offerings....Teach parents to give their child(ren) a Gift that lasts a lifetime.  Just 2- 3 minutes per night....  Call Cheryl at 252-432-2205 to discuss how you can become involved.


New Products & Classes:


May 15th-17th, 2015
3 days of learning, fun and networking.
Come see our presentations:

(H Larry Elman, Cheryl J Elman, & Joane Goulding)
Daytona Beach, Florida
Conference info

July 18th -  26th, 2015
 The Master Hypnosis Course
9 day Certification Course
(H Larry Elman, Jason Linett and Cheryl Elman)

In Northern Virginia (to be announced)

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August 21-23, 2015
Hypnothoughts Live 2015
Come visit our booth and hear our Presentations
(H Larry Elman and Cheryl J Elman)
Las Vegas, NV
Conference Info and Enroll
Sept 1, 2015
(H Larry Elman and Cheryl J Elman guest speaker)
More details coming


*We are planning to do a cross country Tour this Summer and  Fall, and looking for groups who might like a 2 or 4 hour presentation, or a 1-4 day class.
Please contact Cheryl if you are interested in having us visit your group.  

Are you an Instructor who would be Interested in team teaching with us
 for a 7-9 day Hypnosis Certification Class?  

Classes already Forming in:

 Anchorage, Alaska
Vancouver, CAN

Contact Cheryl at 252-432-2205 or email me at DaveElmanHypnosis@gmail.com
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

~  Cheryl Elman

 DEHI Hypnosis Certification Courses
taught by 
Col H Larry Elman, CH, CI, CMT 
Cheryl J Elman, CH, CMT, BS Ed 

MAHC Educators of the Year - 2014

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are also available.

Call us at    252-432-2205

                                                        Henderson, NC at the 
Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

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